Our Services

Backflow Specialty of Knoxville, Tennessee is a family owned, fully insured and licensed backflow repair, backflow replacement, backflow preventer testing and irrigation backflow device repair company. Employees of Backflow Specialty are Tennessee state certified backflow testers and Backflow Specialty specializes in residential, commercial and industrial backflow testing, backflow repairs, backflow installations and irrigation backflow device repair.

Backflow Specialty specializes in backflow testing for utility districts in Tennessee, as well as complete cross connection control programs, backflow preventer testing, backflow prevention testing gauges and sprinkler system backflow repair and kits. Backflow Specialty also offers factory replacement parts from Watts, Febco, Ames, Wilkins and Conbraco as East Tennessee’s only authorized dealer for these backflow parts.

If you need assistance with residential, commercial or industrial backflow testing and parts for backflow prevention, backflow repair or irrigation backflow devices, please contact Backflow Specialty today.